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     Raising children and housing and caring for their pets left our floor in pretty bad shape. Now that our children were grown and out of the house we decided it was time to replace our old carpet with something a little nicer. We knew that tile was very durable and pretty easy to clean but we really liked the look of hardwood. Unable to come to a decision we decided to get estimates for both. Gonzales Tile was recommended to us by a family friend and Craig responded quickly to our request for an estimate.



He came to our house and took measurements, explaining to us what the process would entail should we choose to go with him. While he was there we mentioned to him that we were also considering hardwood floors because we loved the look. Craig told us about a type of ceramic tile that looked just like hardwood. We were excited that we might be able to get the best of both worlds. Soon after he came to our house we received an email with a very fair estimate for the project and links to his company's reviews and photos of other projects online. Taking into account the online reviews, the estimated cost, the hardwood tile, and the professionalism Craig displayed during the estimate, we decided to hire Gonzales Tile and not request any further estimates. 

Our experience working with Craig was outstanding. His team came in and removed all of the old carpet and the stubborn particle board that had been stapled to the sub- floor. They even agreed to do the tear out the week before starting the install so that we could paint the walls without fear of staining the new flooring. 

Every member of Craig's team was prompt, professional, and polite. During the installation they always made sure that we had a path available to get where we needed to go. They were even able to work around the large organ and upright piano that we have so that we didn't have to worry about moving them down the stairs. They worked quickly and yet still took the time to answer any questions we had. 

Once the work was completed they did one final walk-through with us to ensure that we were satisfied and then they made sure to leave us with no trace that they had ever been there, save for our beautiful new floor. 

It truly looks amazing and it is so quick and easy to clean. Several weeks have passed now and my husband and I still find ourselves marveling at how amazing our floor looks. It's as if we moved into a brand new home. 

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